Numerical 3D near – wellbore model
for unconventional well testing

Alternatives to conventional well testing can reduce or eliminate safety issues, environmental constraints, and potential revenue loss. However, they pose some additional difficulties in pressure data interpretation.
Aquilon can simulate production and injection from vertical wells drilled in anisotropic and heterogeneous reservoirs. Fluids injection or production can be imposed along the entire thickness of the reservoir or through restricted intervals, as in the case of partial penetration or perforation and of mini – DST. Thermal exchange, capillary forces, gravitational effects, and diffusion phenomena are all taken into account.


Fully implicit simultaneous solution of multi-phase flow equations
Fast and robust preconditioned solver
Adaptive time-stepping
Interactive optimized gridding routine
Flow model coupled to thermal and diffusion phenomena
Capillary and gravitational effects included


Multi-phase flow model
User-defined formation heterogeneity and anisotropy
User-specified intervals or production/injection

Easy to use

Friendly interface
Simple visualization tools
Easy data loading
Units converter
Exportable output for further applications
User-guide providing helpful tutorials