logo_Sundowner_smallNumerical reservoir model for interference pulse testing

Pulse Testing does not require interrupting production nor knowing the previous rate history. However, it poses some additional difficulties in design and interpretation phases.

Sundowner can simulate well pressure response in frequency of both the pulser and the observer wells in a heterogeneous reservoir. Test history is characterized by the superimposition of a periodic rate change over a constant production /injection rate. Multiphase flow is allowed. Comparison with real data is possible.


Solution of multi-phase flow equations in frequency domain
Fast and robust solver
Optimized gridding routine
Barriers, channel and heterogeneous scenarios
Boundary effects
Real data preprocessing, including detrending and denoising
Spectral analysis of well production/injection data


Multi-phase flow model
User-defined formation heterogeneity and anisotropy
User-specified intervals or production/injection

Easy to use

Friendly interface
Simple visualization tools
Easy data loading
Units converter
Exportable output for further applications
User-guide providing helpful tutorials