logo_Calypso_resizedWell test pressure trend decomposition for information unlocking

Well test generally consist of a series of production/injection flow-periods, typically with increasing/decreasing flow rates or at times with periodic flow rate variations. Generally, each constant rate flow-period is analyzed separately; however, more information could be unlocked from the overall data if a suitable algorithm is applied.

Calypso is standalone software which allows decomposing the recorded pressure signal in the general field or well background trend and in the sequence of transients due to rate variations. Thus, the overall decline trend due to average well production can be analyzed so that a potentially greater distance from the well can be investigated; alternatively, the sequence of transients can be isolated and interpreted if the production history follows a periodic pattern.


Innovative decomposition algorithm
Efficient periodic signal detrending
Efficient reconstruction of the background signal
Potential increase of the test investigation distance


User-selected decomposition algorithm
Log-log plot visualization
Horner plot visualization

Easy to use

Friendly interface
Simple visualization tools
Easy data loading
Units converter
Exportable output for further applications
User-guide provides helpful tutorial