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DREAM has delivered high-quality projects to its business streams through dedicated reservoir engineering and management. To this end, our clients can rest assured their projects will be developed by the balanced energy mix of our experienced senior staff and our keen junior members both of which share strong academic backgrounds. In addition to the numerous static and dynamic studies of gas and oil conventional reservoirs carried out, we have also thrived on unique projects of great diversity. Following are just but a few examples:

Static and dynamic modeling of heavy oil bearing carbonate/fractured reservoirs. Construction of 3D geological models; calculation and distribution of petrophysical properties; integration of discrete fracture network models (DFN); risk analysis associated to structural, depositional and petrophysical features. Dynamic data analysis, 3D dynamic model construction and history match; definition of multiple reservoir development plans with vertical, slanted and horizontal wells and execution of risk analyses to evaluate the impact of reservoir uncertainties on potential production strategies.

Reservoir studies and modeling of complex condensate gas fields. Integrated geological studies of fluvial/deltaic depositional settings, combining well logs and cores; log-lithological characterization of the formations through neural network approach; risk analysis; grid optimization for dynamic modeling; data analysis from dozens of wells with a long and complex production history; dynamic model calibration; assessment of remaining recoverable reserves. Characterization and development of new satellite plays.

Static, dynamic and geomechanical modeling of gas storage fields. Well count, type and location optimization, and storage strategy definition (including deltapressure) to increase working gas and enhance the storage performance (peak rate, plateau duration, etc.). Geomechanical modeling for safety analysis and subsidence phenomena evaluation.

Do contact us today to discuss your projects of tomorrow. At DREAM we pride ourselves upon finding our limits by pushing them.

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